Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hulkageddon Event Idea

Ok, I had an amazing post on the official forums, but I hit post and they ate it. Yeah, I should have copied it before posting, but I didnt. So here's a re-written version.

I want to host Hulkageddon. I dont have the funds or resources to do it alone and will need many donations and assistance in doing this. Ive seen many people show interest in doing this and many corps and allainces have their own programs for such a thing. Let me give some background on myself real quick before I get to the nitty gritty of my idea.

I am in the Black Rebel Rifter Club (R1fta). Im not much of an industrialist or mission runner. Im not much of a pirate either, but I try. I fly exspensive fits; you can see my losses on the killboard linked on over to the right. Ive flown all over New Eden, from hisec industry corp to nullsec sov alliance and back into empire lowsec space. I know the mechanics of the game, but I am still very much a noob putting this knowledge to practical use. My corp and myself believe in honoring 1v1 and ransoms. Basic gist of me, you can learn more by reading my blog posts.

And now to the main idea. Hulkageddon. Many people have shown interest and not actually done anything. I know there was supposed to be one with Mittens, but I dont feel that it would be a good idea for the CSM head to be a part of it, and I also feel the delays in doing it were done for political reasons during CSM voting times. Enough politics though...

Im not asking for donations, ships or modules right now. I will later though if enough backers are interested in investing in me running this event. I dont have the trust of the playerbase, but feel that running an event like this would assist in gaining that. Well, as much as can be gained in EVE, which isnt much.

There is a file on my computer with plans for a Gankers Insurance program that pays out up to a certain amount for different ships killed. For example, 5 million isk for a Retriever gank. 10 million isk for a Covetor. The scheme can be adjusted of course, but thats just an idea. Killmails will be posted to a specific killboard for easy tracking, and must be api verified to prevent certain shady characters from cheating the system. Rewards will be given out for the highest amount of hulks ganked in a set amount of time, highest hulk ISK value kill, and other such achievements.

As I said, Im not asking you to trust me. Im asking you to hope and believe that there are pilots who want to run a legit event for the good of the whole playerbase instead of isolated, local corps and alliances doing their own thing. I care more about getting honorable recognition instead of being "just another scammer" in New Eden. Its not the scammers that get headlines these days, its the players who show class and trustworthiness because it is a rarity in our community of players these days.

Anyways, thanks much and please reply with your interest and what youd be willing to donate when the time comes to donate; if enough people back me in running an event of this scale.


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  1. I can be convinced to give away a bil as a top prize. Still need to work out the details for what that bil would be for, but we can work that out.