Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hulkageddon - Rewards and Insurance, Iteration 1

First run through of the rules and rewards; likely to change as comments and suggestions are made throughout the process. Depending on how the sale of my alt goes, I may or may not create/buy a corporation to handle all aspects of this event.

Reward System
Grand Prize - (*Unknown*)
Rewarded to the person with most Hulk kills

Exhumer Killer
Rewarded to the most Exhumer Kills

Freighter Fighter
Awarded for most Freighters and Jump Freighters destroyed

Blingy-est Kill
Awarded to the person with the most blinged out Hulk kill

Mining Barges
Procurer - 3 million ISK
Retriever - 6 million ISK
Covetor - 10 million ISK

Skiff - 10 million ISK
Mackinaw - 15 million ISK
Hulk - 20 million ISK

Freighters and Jump Freighters
Freighter - 500 million ISK
Jump Freighter - 1.5 billion ISK

Industrial and Transport Ships
Tech 1 Haulers - 5 million ISK
Tech 2 Varients - 15 million ISK
Noctis - 25 million ISK

Mining Capital Ships
Carriers - 750 million ISK
Super Carriers - 5 billion ISK
Titans - 25 billion ISK

Gankers Insurance
Insurance payouts will only be given to those who post their api verified kills to (to be determined killboard). They will not be rewarded to any kill 0.4 or lower sec systems.

Null Sec = Zero bonus
Low Sec = Zero Bonus
High Sec:
0.5 = 1 million ISK
0.6 = 3 million ISK
0.7 = 5 million ISK
0.8 = 8 million ISK
0.9 = 10 million ISK
1.0 = 15 million ISK

Rules and Regulations
1) When event funds have reached (currently unspecified amount) as well as after the conclusion of the event, an audit will be performed by a trusted 3rd party, if requested by more than five (5) actual people to ensure funds are being used for Hulkageddon purposes.

2) If multiple people are on the same killmail, the reward will be split between each person on the killmail. If you have 5 people on a hulk killmail in 1.0 system, you will get (20 + 15)/5 = 7 million per person.

3) Payments for killmails will be sent out once per day; no more, no less.

4) Rewards are given out on a pilot level, not corporation or alliance scale.

5) Multiple killmails for the same kill will not be accepted. See rule 2.

As I said, this may change as things are suggested and it is very possible this entire thing will not even move forward. I would expect nothing less from the EVE community to distrust me.

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  1. Hmmm, an in-corp hulkageddon?

    Unfortunately my corporation has been told not to participate in hulkageddon (by alliance and corp leadership, there are good reasons for it though).

    Good luck with your event Korvus!