Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flashy Red Status!!!

First, Im excited to announce I am now flashy red with a current sec status of -6.18! Yay me! Finally not allowed in high sec space, so Ill have to make use of alts for hauling, but I might also be lazy and have Black Frog do it for me.

In other news, we snagged a returning player who was ratting in Heild. That's a big no no here in my house, son! So we promptly gathered together while n00b was distracting our target in local with small talk and and banter type shit. Or he was actually talking, I dunno, I wasnt paying attention. Joining fleet and undocking in my pretty Vengeance, I warped to the belt, grabbing point immediately. The rest landed and proceed to have a rape train on this hurricane. I kinda felt bad because when I looked at local to gf, I saw he was a returning player trying to build funds and we killed his last hurricane. Well, I offered a suggestion to buy a plex and sell it for ISK. I still felt kind of bad, so I contracted a thrasher to him that I had sitting up in Amaar. That should keep him out of low sec for a while so he can re-learn at least.

A few days ago, I jumped out to Tukanas and brought home my Purifier. 75 jumps all through low sec space. About 60 of which were empty with only me in local. I escaped a couple gate camps to my disappointment (I dont like 75 jump "roams"). Last night I had not been feeling in the mood to fly my veng, so I just jumped in the Purifier and undocked. Warping around, I saw local spike up and figured something might happen soon; considering most were Ransm boys and they like to hang out at the plex, I warped there.

Coming in at 70, I landed about 45km off several rifters and some other stuff I dont remember. Letting this info slip into corp, others were landing on grid as well. Since I had torpedos equipped, I wasnt going to do much damage to the majority of ships here. So I targeted anyways, painted some stuff and shot torps in their direction hoping to hit before each target ship exploded. I got on three killmails before the field was cleared. I began looting wrecks, but after only a couple seconds, someone was shooting me, forcing a warp out. Luckily, I got out with 9% armor. and some crappy loot.

Scanning in that direction again, I didnt see anything, so I warped back in at 70 again. Nothing here, so I waited, setting orbit range. Soon, a rifter was back, so I targeted it and begand shooting. Almost immediately, a rupture landed about 40km out. Targeting and shooting him, I ate his shields quickly with my em torps. Coming to me at 1100+ m/s, I couldnt keep range with my AB, so I closed range as quickly as I could, getting under his guns in 2-3km orbit. Once there, damage subsided mostly, with my 9% armor intact. I lasted quite a long time under his guns, but I guess he got a lucky shot or two off and my ship exploded, and I warped the pod out.

And earlier in the day, we got together for a hulk kill as there were several miners violating the Astroid Enviromental Conservation laws. Obviously, we had to assist in their removal from the Regional Park of Teon. We jumped into our Thrashers (compliments of the corp hangagr) and set on our way. Soon enough, we had a warp in (Thanks Tomba) and we were on top of the hulk. OH'ing the guns and activating the sensor boosters midwarp, I was ready for some explosions!

And explosions were had! I even caught his pod before concord showed up to help in the cleanup.

Sadly, we had been too slow on the travel and forumup from Heild to Teon, so Gunpoint saw us and assumed our plans. What they then did was reduce themselves to Rancer level asshattery and equipped smartbombs and sat at the Heild gate waiting for pods to come back their way. Sadly, their plan worked and they caught a couple pods I believe. I wasnt one of them because I was busy sorting loot in Teon, since I wouldnt be visiting high sec for awhile again.

So that was my journey from -4 sec status to lower than -6. Soon enough, Ill be -10 and I look forward to it!!! Dont feel bad to add a misk bounty to me as well, I look forward to people trying to pod me for that extra cash also!

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